Palazzo Pants

They’re For Everyone …

If you think that Palazzo Pants aren’t for you because you’re not 5’10” then we’re pleased to tell you that that’s simply not the case! We have plain black and navy trousers that work beautifully with our sequin tops for a night out or that special event. Our red & blue or gold & orange straighter leg styles look stunning with a plain top – or add one of our slimming, stretchy belts. Bernice is wearing a cut-off version in a retro pattern that I’m sure we can all remember. All our Palazzo Pants are pull-ons and the stretchy waistbands are enjoyed by everyone!

Floral Patterns

Wear A Smile

Put some sunshine in your wardrobe! You don’t have to wear patterns from head-to-toe, team floral trousers with a plain top or a simple vest and linen jacket to get you smiling all day long.

It’s Not All Funky!

Don’t Worry …

If we have scared you into hiding then our apologies … we still have beautiful plain summer trousers that you can wear with simple or striped tops ..

Sequins – With No Catch

Add A Bit Of Sparkle

These beautiful tops have a soft jersey back and sleeves so you won’t catch your sequins on the rest of your outfit – and they’re only £65!

Just For You

That Extra Special Service

Please remember that our fabulous Rita can alter the length of any of our trousers so you get exactly what works for you – floor length with heels, flat, capri and summer side splits for good measure! We can pin your trousers for you in store, arrange to get them to Rita and call you when they’re ready and waiting for you.