Another week has passed us by and the sun has continued its rare appearance (if not all day, every day).
After a fabulous Joseph Ribkoff event on Monday and time to talk to some of you about the surprises and events we have coming up for the rest of 2016 I am mindful of rushing on to the next new thing without properly appreciating what we have.

We could and should make the most of the things we have loved and still have hanging in our wardrobes. Perhaps it’s something that has brought you joy in the past – memories of a fabulous lunch with the girls, a wonderful holiday with family or just something that covers all the bits you want it to. In most cases these well-loved items can be ‘reborn’ with a few tweaks and ideas. So, if you have something that still fits but it’s just not quite right for 2016, bring it in and let’s see what we can do to relight your passion for it!

For example, a beautiful scarf can bring new life to a jacket or top and a stretchy belt can do the same for a dress or skirt.

We hope you know that we are here to help and that will always mean adding or maybe just re-jigging what you already have as much as it does a new outfit. It’s all about making you feel confident and fabulous by loving the skin and clothes you are in.