The ¾ sleeve linen jacket

For those of you who embrace that ‘travelled’ cool and stylish look, whether you are looking for a complete outfit or just that ‘something’ to add to your existing wardrobe, we have the perfect pieces for you.
Linen is the summer’s solution to covering the bits we want to hide. May we present your ¾ sleeve linen jacket …

Added to a top or vest and a pair of IBER jeans the jacket will keep you cool and covered whilst dressing your jeans up for lunch or keeping you warm through that evening BBQ without revealing your arms.

Add it to a long jersey dress with one of our ever faithful stretchy belts for smart day wear and chic evening wear.

Add palazzo pants to the jacket for a stunning  partnership of wild patterns and stylish shape.

For complete linen wear combine bright linen trousers, a floral top and a linen jacket with pockets.